Learning about CBD and other molecules found in the Hemp plant are still very much in its infancy stage. When I began this venture, I started taking CBD Turmeric capsules. We are now 9 months into this amazing opportunity and here is what I have to report.

I take one 25 mg CBD Turmeric capsule every morning and in the evening, if needed, for degenerative disc disease. It is incredible. It works for me. I just don’t feel pain and I honestly feel pretty darn healthy for a 44 year old mom of two.

I also found with the topical lotions and creams, not only do they help with sore muscles or pain, to my surprise, they also help for sun burns and mosquito bites.

A ton of research is underway and I would like to share this growing data that relates to the use of CBD:

Potential use of Cannabis for Pancreatic Cancer:



NFL, Concussions and CBD:


Harvard Studies:




I hope you find this information useful. At Jen’s CBD Shop, we feel blessed to be a part of the growing Hemp Industry and strive to offer nothing but the best quality CBD on the market.

All our products are 100% Made in the USA from Seed to Sale!


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