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About Us

Jen’s CBD Shop is gladly brought to you by a sister and brother team, Jennifer Kelly and Donnie Svederus.

Donnie and Jennifer grew up in southern Idaho in the small town of Mountain Home. Donnie and his family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in early 2000, with Jennifer soon after moving to Colorado in 2003.

Jennifer eventually met the love of her life in Fort Collins, and happily moved with him to settled down in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Donnie has over 25 years of amazing talent in Web Design and SEO. He brings this skill to life with Jen’s CBD Shop.

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience from being an Office Manager, Legal Assistant, Insurance Agent and a Paperwork Guru. Above all, Customer Service and Order Fulfillment is her genuine specialty that she truly enjoys.

We hope you will try and give us an honest review of our products in this fast-growing industry. As a big part of this industry, we look forward to many more products yet to come! Cheers!



Leafwell is a US based company focused on manufacturing and supplying premium CBD, hemp oil extract, and making products using phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil extracts that harnesses the powerful botanical benefits of the hemp plant. Leafwell prides itself on providing only the best quality hemp extracts by partnering with and supporting US based career organic farmers, using only extraction methods that preserve the plant’s natural properties, and lab testing each and every batch to ensure our products meet or exceed our high-quality standards.

Our Story

Our Company wasn’t started as a Company. It was started as a Mission.

Helping Shelter Pets Find Homes                                                      

Our story begins in 2013, when our co-founders decided to help shelter pets get adopted with creative video campaigns. Over the next four years, they were able to partner with 1,200+ animal rescues and helping save the lives of 3,500+ pets. But, as they visited animal shelters across the country, they discovered a bigger problem: shelter pets often suffer from severe anxiety and other chronic conditions, that decrease their chances of getting adopted.     

Improving Human Lives                                                                    

During this time Abe (our COO) gave a hemp dropper to a few of his family members including his sister with epilepsy (now seizure free) and his mom with rheumatoid arthritis. They both experienced significant improvements and this paired with what we saw at the shelters motivated us to launch Leafwell to help both pets and humans live their best lives.


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