About Us

Jen’s CBD Shop was founded in January of 2019 by a brother and sister team, Jennifer Kelly, President/CEO and Donnie Svederus, Vice President.

Donnie and Jennifer grew up in the small town of Mountain Home, Idaho.  They were raised in a military family with their father being a career officer in the United States Air Force.

Jennifer, as the key player of Jen’s CBD Shop, runs day-to-day operations, from research and development, manufacturing of products, business and client relations, networking and fulfilling online retail sales.

Jennifer originally took a big interest in Hemp for the qualities CBD provided that benefited her personally.  She is proud to be a part of the ongoing research and data being collected on the many uses of Hemp.  It is her ambition and dedication to providing Top Quality USA Hemp products to the public that drives this company to keep moving forward.  

Donnie assists in Website Design, SEO and Marketing.

Donnie is a retired Navy Veteran, serving our country during the Desert Storm War on the USS Kitty Hawk.  After his service he worked for Micron Technology and now for SharpNet Solutions as a Web Designer, Programmer, Digital Marketer and SEO.

Together Jennifer and Donnie have enjoyed working together, making Jen’s CBD Shop a place for anyone to get the purest, high quality CBD products on the Market.




Leafwell is a LEADING Brand in the industry.  Their products are carefully thought out and rigorously tested for accuracy and potency.  Leafwell is a US based company also located in Steamboat Springs.  Jen’s CBD Shop has been blessed to have the opportunity to work along side Leafwell Botanicals.  Together we have been able to learn so much in this fast growing industry.  Leafwell focuses on high quality manufacturing and supplying of hemp extracts. They have perfected the use of rich hemp oil extracts and have harnessed the powerful botanical benefits of the hemp plant. Leafwell prides itself on providing only the best quality hemp extracts by partnering with and supporting US based career organic farmers.






Randy Ridgeway of Smoking River CBD located in Meeker, Colorado. 

Store Located:  640 Main Street, Meeker Colorado

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