About Us

Jen’s CBD Shop is a hemp-based product manufacturer and wholesaler.  We are a group of hardworking, sincere individuals that care and enjoy making High End Quality Hemp Products. Our Hemp Extraction and Manufacturing facilities are located in beautiful Steamboat Springs and Hayden, Colorado. We work along side only licensed farms, extraction labs and product manufacturers to insure what you get is 100% USA Made from Seed to Sale. Our products follow a strict chain of custody guideline to make sure what you get is the real deal. All of our products are independently laboratory tested for purity and potency.  We keep a database of every product following the origination of the Hemp Plant to the final product along with testing results from independent labs.

Jen’s CBD Shop began as a sister-brother team, Donnie Svederus and Jennifer Kelly.  Working together, they put together a small business focusing on Hemp products.  Starting in January of 2019 we began connecting with extractors, manufactures and the top USA Growing Brands in the industry.  We have also set up our manufacturing facilities to be CDPHE Compliant and meet Pharmaceutical standards.  In our first year we have been able to focus on Hemp Research, the development and testing of products, equipment set up and training.

In June of 2019, Jen’s CBD Shop gained a new partner, and dear friend, Chris Sharp, who brings his training as a Chemical Engineer.  He had previously worked in the semiconductor industry at Micron Technology and Hewlett Packard. In the late 90s, Chris founded the digital marketing company SharpNet which is one of the leading digital marketing firms in the USA. Chris contributes to Jen’s CBD Shop as both and Engineer and an industry-leading marketing professional. This trio Jen, Don and Chris make a dynamic team ideally suited to produce and sell CBD.

Donnie brings expertise with material analysis. With extensive experience running advanced and high-tech equipment like scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and electron backscatter detectors (EDX), he knows what stuff is made of to the finest molecule. Don ensures final product quality and that all equipment is running at peak efficiency. Don also assists with general company operations that include digital commerce and logistics.

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience from being an Office Manager, Legal Assistant, Insurance Agent and a Paperwork Guru.   She has been focusing on Research and Development and testing of products.  She also focuses on Business Relations, Customer Service and Order Fulfillment.

Jennifer, Donnie and Chris all grew up in southern the southern small town of Mountain Home, Idaho.

Jen’s CBD Shop has made a commitment to provide you with High End Products and Guarantee, from our Product Database, that all of our products are 100% USA Grown Hemp.  As a big part of this industry, we look forward to many more products yet to come!  Cheers!



Leafwell is a LEADING Brand in the industry.  Their products are carefully thought out and rigorously tested for accuracy and potency.  Leafwell is a US based company also located in Steamboat Springs.  Jen’s CBD Shop has been blessed to have the opportunity to work along side Leafwell Botanicals.  Together we have been able to learn so much in this fast growing industry.  Leafwell focuses on high quality manufacturing and supplying of hemp extracts. They have perfected the use of rich hemp oil extracts and have harnessed the powerful botanical benefits of the hemp plant. Leafwell prides itself on providing only the best quality hemp extracts by partnering with and supporting US based career organic farmers.






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