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CBD Isolate/Dry Powder Capsules

CBD capsules offer the best in convenience, dosing, and taste. 

Our CBD Capsules are easy to take and provide the best in convenience. For those not fond of tinctures, capsules are another way to consume CBD.   Our capsules are small, easy to swallow, and you don’t have to worry about a hemp after taste.

Each capsule provides accurate dosing, so you don’t have to measure your dosages anymore.  Our standard predosed capsules contain 10mg, 25mg, or 100mg of CBD. If you need a custom dose, then contact us.


About Our CBD Capsules

We wanted to find an easier way to take CBD, because we felt tinctures or measuring spoons were a little inconvienent.  So we decided to create CBD capsules which offers the best results and the best alternative to other methods of taking CBD.  Our CBD Capsules offer an easy and effective way to deliver CBD into your system, without making a mess or having to taste that hemp flavor.

Our CBD Capsules are filled with the purest CBD Isolates, and all made in America.  We know exactly where we get our material from.  We gather the hemp from our farmers around the United Statges then process, extract, and manufacture our products in Steamboat Colorado.  We track and test all our products, so you can be assured you are only getting the highest quality of CBD.


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