CBD, THC Test Results & Chain of Custody

We follow all of our hemp from Seed to Sale.  We keep documentation of the potency of each product made out of our facilities with a QR Code Database.  The information on our QR Code will contain testing results of potency of the Cannabinoids in the product.  With this information, we can ALWAYS guarantee that our products can be trusted to be Legal and under the .3% as allowed by Federal Law.  

Our facilities are CDPHE Licensed and Compliant.  We hold our Company to the highest Quality Control and Safety Standards.  Our Team is focused on meeting high pharmaceutical requirements to produce nothing but high end products.

The CBD used in our products are tested by a third party licensed testing facility.  All of the products on our site are within regulations and follow our company’s strict guidelines.

The following are the Testing Results of the CBD used in our products.  

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