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Pure CBD Isolate for sale! Manufactured in Steamboat Springs, CO

All Steamboat Springs CBD Products have less then 0.3% THC and won’t make you high.

Jen’s CBD Shop in Steamboat Springs is here to provide top quality hemp and CBD products: Supplements, Capsules, Chocolates, Tinctures, Body Creams, Mints, Hard Candies and many additional products to come.   

All CBD products are independently tested for quality.  Your absolute satisfaction with all of our CBD products is important, and we hope that you enjoy our pure CBD and hemp products!

Steamboat Springs Resident – Jennifer Kelly, CEO

Welcome to Jen’s CBD Shop!

Where you can find the best Steamboat Springs CBD Isolate for sale!

CBD Isolate for Sale

Made in the USA

At Jen’s CBD Shop in Steamboat Springs, we are a team of hard-working professionals who have made it our goal to manufacture the highest quality hemp and CBD products available on the market.

Our Steamboat Springs CBD products are produced only from the purest CBD Isolates, distillates and nano CBD.  Every step of the CBD production process is tracked, starting from the original hemp farms and on to the final products you can purchase in our CBD shop.

We know exactly where and how our CBD products are made, because we make them ourselves. All of our hemp is harvested and processed only in the USA.  Tested from seed to sale by independent testing labs to guarantee that our hemp and CBD products are nothing but the purest quality possible.

2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill allows broad hemp cultivation. Non-THC Hemp products are no longer limited to pilot programs for studying market interest. 

Under the Farm Bill the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes is allowed.  The sale, transport or possession of hemp-derived products, including CBD, in not restricted as long as those products are manufactured within the guidelines of the law.

This is an exciting time with the Farm Bill passing into law, classifying CBD from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 6 product, allowing for interstate commerce while also giving our U.S. farmers crop insurance.

We care greatly about the quality of our CBD products and the people and pets in need.

Proudly a part of the Hemp Foundry

“All things Hemp”


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The Hemp Foundry is a team of like-minded organizations offering the finest quality CBD products. Our goal is to make hemp and CBD products available and affordable for anyone looking to benefit.

Click the link below to see our partners in the Hemp Foundry.

Jens CBD Testimonials

My testimony begins with being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.   My lower back always hurt and it was pretty unbearable at times.   I hated the way prescription pain medications made me feel, and they honestly scare me.  I looked at alternative pain treatments including back injections.  Watching a video of those back injections literally made me pass out.  

I was fortunate to make a lot of friends in the CBD industry and test products as they are coming to the market.  I want to say about 3 days after I started consistently taking CBD, I noticed I just didn’t have pain.  I am so much more comfortable and the arthritis aches are gone.  It’s been two months since I started, and words cannot express the improvement! 

 So I have been given an amazing opportunity to provide everyone with a wide range of CBD Products though my friends at the Hemp Foundry,   As this industry grows, please stop by frequently and check out our new products!  Cheers!

Jennifer Kelly

Please browse through our growing list testimonials. It gives us great reason and motivation to keep working and providing a wonderful product like CBD Isolate. We are the leading Steamboat Springs CBD manufacturer and offer a wide variety of CBD and hemp products.

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